Title Description Status
Maintaining the Breed, John Thornley A saga of MG racing cars
Instruction Manual for the MG Two-Litre A complete instruction manual for a 2-liter MG engine.
Petersens Basic Bodywork and Painting This book give you a helping hand on fixing up you car. From Metal work fundamentals, using hammers, dollies, files and pry bars tips for brazing, and so much more.
Modern Classics: The Great Cars of the Postwar Era, Rich Taylor This book of these modern classics are the finest cars that man has been able to produce so far, a diverse group of beautiful and exciting machines, the best of the era evocatively recaptured in this spirited book
T Register TD/TF Gearbox, Barry Jones This is a guide to rebuilding your gearbox.
The Sacred Octagon, Mark J. McCourt An article about the octagon shape of the MG cars
Michigan MGT Club. 2010 Event (DVD) Michigan MGT Club 2010 Events
The Classic MG Yearbook – 1973, Richard Knudson A collection of MG cars from all over the world.
The Restoration and Preservation of Vintage & Classic Cars, Jonathan Wood This book is all about restoration and preserving of vintage and classic cars. This book is a great beginning for the starting process of restoring your car to its original beauty.
The Classic MG, Richard Aspden This book takes you on an amazing trip through time when the first MG to the last.
MG Saloon Cars, Anders Clausager A collection of saloon cars from the 1920s to the 1970s
Brooklands Books: MG Car 1957-1959 This book focuses on just the cars from 1957-1959.
The Golden Age of Sports Cars
T-Register. Stripping & Rebuilding the MG TD & TF Series Gearbox This is a VHS how to guide.
T- Register: Stripping and Rebuilding the XPAG Engine This is a VHS how to guide.